Cindy Chen


Timothy Lopez

Cindy Chen and Timothy Lopez

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Our Story

In 2012, two found love in a hopeless place… Hollister. Unbeknownst to them, they just spent four years under the same ‘pier’ without crossing paths until one faithful event brought the two closer.

Tim noticed that Cindy would bring a yoga mat to work and was always intrigued how yoga worked. Cindy suggested that Tim come to yoga with her one day.. and shortly after Tim realized yoga actually helped his respiratory system, and that even more he enjoyed Cindy’s company outside of work where they could truly be themselves.

The first official date consisted of Cindy’s first Broadway play, Wicked. Not too long after, Tim had the pleasure of planning her birthday and decided to woo her with a fancy dinner by the water @ River Café.

Fast forward to five years later, on Cindy’s birthday, Tim had a grand plan to ask her to marry him. He thought to himself, what a better way to ask her by reliving one of their favorite memories. Tim surprised her by taking her once again to River Café. After dinner, he had a game setup that would take Cindy down memory lane. He had printed out photos from when they started dating until 2017 and the goal was to put them all in chronological order. After she had successfully placed the photos in order, it would lead her to a safe where a question was displayed “Will you marry me?”. As you all know, Cindy said “YES!”

Tim completed her birthday weekend with a date to re-watch Wicked the next day. He wanted to remind her that the relationship started with River Café and Wicked and that he wanted to start this new journey the same way.

Fondest Memories with Cindy:
“Taking Cindy to her first solo trip to Hershey, Pa where she was stuck with me for an entire weekend going on roller coasters and discovering my passion for … Chocolates! My newest fondest memory has to be exploring Barcelona, Spain in our first international trip together getting lost in a new culture.”

Fondest Memories with Tim:
“Drive-in movie theater at upstate NY to watch Finding Dori. Hot air balloon experience in Barcelona, and sharing Levain cookies/milk like kids by the West Side Highway before I was fully lactose intolerant.”
– Cindy
Robin Ott